I create an illustrated reportage of your wedding day, by hand drawing the whole day.
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"People will forget what you said, people will forget
what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."



Love Image is unique in the world: we create illustrated reportages for weddings.

During a wedding, our one and only mission is to catch the whole range of feelings and put them on paper, by drawing and writing them down.

All of the scenes, atmospheres and emotions caught live are later reorganized,
in order to create a delicate storytelling, 100% customized.

A Love Image reportage can be kept forever: by watching it, it will be easier
for couples to remember that their love is real.


You've just discovered Love Image.
You already know it's right for you, or you still don't have your ideas clear. In any case, get in touch and we'll talk about it.


We'll answer to all of your questions, but we'll be curious too: we'll want to know which is your favorite color, how did you meet, why are you getting married right there... and much more!
If we're close enough, we can talk in real life. If not, Skype will do.


Before the wedding, you'll be able to reach Love Image for any questions, changes or requests.
Or even just to send us some cute cat&dog gifs.


Our best reporter will arrive a little early with all the material and the eyes wide open, ready to catch all the details of your wedding day story. 


Our reporter will stay with you from start to finish, drawing and writing notes. Probably dancing a little, if a catchy songs starts.
You won't even notice her.


The next weeks will be hard work for us: we will choose the meaningful moments, the right colors, the perfect size. 
We won't stop until we're sure we've got The Version, the one that really tells the story of your wedding day. 
Then, we will be headed to our most trusted printer and to the best box maker in town.


Now that your Love Image reportage is ready, we will give it to you personally, if we're close enough (or if the best man is casually on a weekend here!).
In any other case, we'll send a courier right away. 


When you'll unwrap it, you'll be walked through all the emotions you and your guests felt.
Each time you'll look at it, you'll remember that your love is real. 


Time to live happily ever after.

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+31 618958414